The Cicale are three people: Matteo, his sister Ilaria and his wife Federica, tied together in many special ways. Matteo is a chef, but first of all is a brother and an husband. Ilaria and Federica are the heads of the hall, but they, first of all are a sister, a sister in law and a wife.

Matteo was born in 1969 in Genova and until the '90, his passion for cooking has been expressed only at home, where he learnt the art of welcoming and the pleasure of food.

In 1996, Matteo decided to transform his passion in to a job and started had a training period at the Rododendro Restaurant in Boves (Piemonte), where Miss Mary Barale tought him how to transform his hard kitchen work into real delicatessen.

In 1997 come a turning point. Matteo continued his training period at Gianfranco Vissani's. Vissani is one of the best italian chefs, internationally known and very strict as a teacher.

In 1998 Matteo comes back to Genova, at the Saint Cyr Restaurant where he understands that his goal will be quality.

In 1999, Matteo started his first restaurant, 'Le Cicale' in San Lorenzo della Costa, Santa Margherita Ligure, a marvelous and heavenly corner, where he settled for nine years, working for ten hard summers. Fame was around the corner..

However, his dream had always been moving to Genoa. In December 2006, he left the Riviera and Le Cicale come to town. At that point, Ilaria and Federica decided to quit their job ar as architects and joined Matteo's team.

Matteo is been working for three years with his family, trying to recreate the same atmosphere he has always found in his life, sitting together at the table, having something to taste and to say, laughing, discussing and having fun arriving at a new, better dishes every days.